In this last year we've served more than 50 founders, and with the help of our incredibly talented mentor network we've evolved our curriculum from a series of workshops into an intimate 16-week cohort experience. We've expanded beyond our flagship location in Hyde Park to our first hosted location in San Antonio at Impact Guild. This April we're thrilled to announce we'll be coming back to Impact Guild for another quarter, and we'll also be hosting cohorts in 2 more locations in Austin, at Soma Vida and Native Hostel.

 Our program is designed around the needs of impact founders in a diverse range of crafts from creatives to product designers, nonprofit innovators and community builders. 


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Application Deadline: MarCH 1


2018 Cohort locations 

We embed in spaces that are focused on building community. From co-working communities to hostels, bars and bookstores, we've found that our best partners are those who share our commitment to building authentic connections between innovators and creators. 


We're kicking off the new year with a range of free workshops and events. If you are interested in the Un.Incubator we invite you to come join us and get a taste of the cohort experience and our co-creating culture. 

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